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  • Grid Pro — Custom Element for YOOtheme Pro
Grid Pro — Custom Element for YOOtheme Pro

Grid Pro
Free / Paid

Unlimited Sublayouts Modal Builder 6 Nested Grids 8 Nested Grids Positions 20 Additional Field Sets Mixed Item Width Mixed Width for Nested Multiple Filters Dropdown Filters Filter Sorting by Key Filters Links Items Search by Name Lightbox and Slider Nested Grids Sliders Items Sorting by Key Advanced Visibility Settings Overriding Free version Available

Experience unparalleled flexibility and design possibilities with the Grid Pro Element for YOOtheme Pro Builder. With its Modal Builder, unlimited Sublayouts, and 6 Nested Grids offering 8 Grid Positions, you have complete control over your layout. Take advantage of the 20 additional field sets for advanced customization across all options.

  • Support unlimited sublayouts


  • Support 6 Nested Grids

    6 Nested Grids

  • Support 4 Grids Positions

    8 Grids Positions

  • Support 20 Field Sets

    20 Field Sets

  • Mixed Width Slider

    Mixed Width

  • Support Slider


  • Support Modal Builder

    Modal Builder

  • Support Search items by name


  • Support Filter

    Multiple Filters

  • Support Filter Dropdowns

    Filter Dropdowns

  • Support filter sorting by key

    Filter Sorting

  • Support Filter Links

    Filter Links

  • Support Lightbox


  • Support Limit Text Output

    Limit Output

  • Woo Add2Cart

  • Support Advanced Button Settings

    Advanced Button

  • Advainced Item Settings Overriding


  • Support Dynamic Content


  • Support Responsive Layouts


  • Support Falang


This element supports Multiple Filters, items Slider, Lightbox Gallery, Nested Sliders, and Mixed Width options, empowering you to create stunning and dynamic content for your website.

Grid Pro Element for YOOtheme Pro