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Grid Pro

Features comparison

Experience unparalleled flexibility and design possibilities with the Grid Pro Element for YOOtheme Pro Builder. With its Modal Builder, unlimited Sublayouts, and 6 Nested Grids offering 8 Grid Positions, you have complete control over your layout. Take advantage of the 20 additional field sets for advanced customization across all options. This element supports Multiple Filters, items Slider, Lightbox Gallery, Nested Sliders, and Mixed Width options, empowering you to create stunning and dynamic content for your website.

Sublayout NEW

Supports nesting builder elements inside Grid Pro items across 14 distinct display positions.

Nested Grids

Can be positioned in any of the available grid positions, each with its own unique column settings.

Grid Positions

There are 4 primary Nested Grid positions available, but Grid Pro extends this functionality with an additional 4 positions.

Mixed Width

Allows to set unequal widths for Gird Pro items and nested grids content.

Text Fields

Employ custom text fields that can be seamlessly placed in any enabled nested grid.

Textarea Fields

Utilize custom textarea fields that can be seamlessly placed in any enabled nested grid.

Image Fields

Use custom images or icons within any of the enabled nested grids.

Link Fields

Enables wrapping nested images and text fields with links, allowing for over 20 links in a single item.

Modal Builder NEW

Provides the use of sublayouts to create modals, utilizing all available builder elements.

Multiple Filters

Grid Pro element offers support for up to 21 filter groups, whereas Grid 10 Free element supports only a standard filter navigation.

Filter Dropdowns

Supports a dropdown filter navigation style that includes icons.

Filter Link

Allows you to generate dedicated links to specific filter items, enabling you to activate filters as soon as the page loads. This feature supports multiple filters simultaneously and includes an option to scroll to the Grid Pro element when filter activation is employed.

Filter Sorting

As part of the filter feature, Grid Pro includes intuitive UI controls that empower users to sort the items according to their preferences in ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) order.


Incorporates a search feature that enables users to search for specific content within the Grid Pro element.

Notifications NEW

Displays alert notifications, including Lottie images, when no search or filter results are found.


Enables the use of sliders for items and nested grid content. You can also utilize item sliders and filters simultaneously.

Lightbox Gallery

Enables Lightbox Gallery for the Item Images.

Settings Overriding

Provide the flexibility to override configuration settings for nested grids and customize mixed width options for them.

Visibility Options

Meta, Content, Image, Link fields, as well as Custom Grids and Nested Fieldsets, have their own visibility options.

Limit Output

Provides control over the character limit for all text fields including all custom Fieldsets.

Grid Stack

Provides alternative image alignment for odd items, similar to Widgetkit. Additionally, it supports top and bottom image positioning.

WooCommerce New

Employs integration with the WooCommerce Ajax add2cart button.

Advanced Button

Expands link options by incorporating custom link class, attributes, title, aria-label, and a comprehensive array of SEO options.

Custom Panel Link

Items are equipped with the capability to feature custom panel links, distinct from the button links and lightbox image links.

Items Ordering

Employed to arrange both static and dynamic Grid Pro items based on various criteria, including title, meta, tags, custom meta 1-20, custom text 1-20, and in a random order. This feature works on top of the dynamic content sorting.

Star Rating

Supports a customizable star rating.

Web Content Accessibility

Compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Dynamic Content

Enables dynamic content support at both the element and item levels.


Enhanced Responsive Design in combination with visibility options.


Offers compatibility with YOOtheme Pro Falang extension for managing static content translations.