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How do I add content to the Modal element?

To add content to the Modal element, utilize any of the available builder elements within YOOtheme Pro. Simply select the desired elements and arrange them to to built a desired layout.

Can I use dynamic content in the Modal element?

Yes, you can utilize all available dynamic content options within the Modal element.

Can I use multiple Modal element instances on the page?

Yes, you can have any number of Modal element instances on the page, each with different content inside.

Can I hide a toggle button and trigger the Modal element from a custom button?

Yes, you can achieve this by setting a static ID for the Modal element and hiding the default element button. Then, create a custom button with a "uk-toggle" attribute and use the static ID as a link with the leading # symbol.

Can I use an icon without text to trigger the Modal element?

Yes, you can do that. Additionally, you have the option of selecting a custom icon to serve as the trigger for the Modal element.

How can I add a Zoolanders Form Builder elements in the Modal?

To achieve this, you should first add a Sublayout element within the Modal element. The Sublayout element typically includes an option to define a Form Area. Once you've set up the Sublayout element, you can proceed to build the form inside it