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Switcher Pro

Features comparison

Unlock unlimited possibilities with the Switcher Pro Element for YOOtheme Pro Builder. With its powerful features like Modal Builder, unlimited Sublayouts, and 6 nested grids with 6 grid positions, you have full control over your layout. Take advantage of the 20 additional field sets with advanced overriding capabilities, allowing you to customize every aspect of your design. The Switcher Pro Element also offers exciting functionalities such as Autoplay, Tab Links, Lightbox Gallery, Nested Sliders, and Mixed Width options for nested grids content.

Sublayouts New

Supports nesting builder elements inside Switcher Pro items across 10 distinct display positions.

Modal Builder New

Provides the use of sublayouts to create modals, utilizing all available builder elements.


Automatically switch tabs at set intervals, with a visible progress bar indicating the timing.

Hover Mode New

Enable seamless tab switching with hover mode, while supporting a single click that triggers switcher item button click for versatile navigation.

Tab Link

Enables dedicated link usage for instant activation of specific items upon page load.

Nested Grids

Can be positioned in any of the available grid positions, each with its own unique column settings.

Grids Positions

There are 6 nested grid positions available: "above-content", "below-content", "item-top/bottom" and "image-cell-top/bottom".

Mixed Width

Allows to set unequal widths for Gird Pro items and nested grids content.

Text Fields New

Employ custom text fields that can be seamlessly placed in any enabled nested grid.

Textarea Fields

Utilize custom textarea fields that can be seamlessly placed in any enabled nested grid.

Image Fields

Use custom images or icons within any of the enabled nested grids.

Link Fields

Enables wrapping nested images and text fields with links, allowing for over 20 links in a single item.

Accordion Navigation

Accordion Navigation style unlocks advanced Accordion Element functionality with Switcher Pro.

Lightbox Gallery

Enables Lightbox Gallery for the Item Images.


Enables the use of sliders for nested grid content.

Settings Overriding

Provide the flexibility to override configuration settings for nested grids and customize mixed width options for them.

Limit Output

Provides control over the character limit for all text fields including all custom Fieldsets.

Visibility Options

Meta, Content, Image, Link fields, as well as Custom Grids and Nested Fieldsets, have their own visibility options.

Web Content Accessibility New

Compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Dynamic Content

Enables dynamic content support at both the element and item levels.


Enhanced Responsive Design in combination with visibility options.


Offers compatibility with YOOtheme Pro Falang extension for managing static content translations.
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