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Table Pro

Features comparison

Enhance your data presentation with the Table Pro Element for YOOtheme Pro. This powerful element supports various advanced features, including Sublayouts, Modal Builder, and up to 24 Columns with Advanced Styling and Visibility options. With DataTables integration, you can enable Table Search, Column Sorting, Filtering, and Pagination for seamless data management.

Sublayout New

Supports nesting builder elements inside Table Pro items across 21 distinct display positions.


Table Pro permits a maximum of 24 columns in total.


Extra row counting column with customizable visibility options.

Modal Builder New

Provides the use of sublayouts to create modals, utilizing all available builder elements.

Date Format

Date format converter with 15+ predefined formatting options.


Enables Lightbox gallery functionality for the table images.

Individual Links

Allows individual links for each text field in the table.


Provides integration with the WooCommerce Ajax add2cart button.

Icons New

Employs builder icons for use instead of images.

Star Rating New

Supports a customizable star rating.

DataTables Search

Enables searching within descriptions and labels and includes a query highlight feature.

DataTables Sorting

Facilitates the integration of the DataTables column sorting module.

DataTables Filter

Enables seamless integration with the DataTables filter module.

DataTables Pagination

Integrates smoothly with the DataTables pagination module.

Limit Output

Provides control over the character limit for all text fields.

Visibility Options

Supports advanced control over column visibility options.

Dynamic Content

Enables dynamic content support at both the element and item levels.


Enhanced Responsive Design in combination with visibility options.


Offers compatibility with YOOtheme Pro Falang extension for managing static content translations.