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Load More Access Request

The Load More element serves as an alternative to the standard Pagination element and can be accessed for purchase after website verification. During the verification process, we will simply check if your website meets the necessary requirements to install the "Load More" element.

Before Submiting the Request:

1. Documentation

Before proceeding, we highly recommend reading the documentation for the YOOtheme Pro Pagination element, checking out relevant support forum topic, and watching our tutorial videos. This will provide you with a clear understanding of the principles for properly configuring your page template.

2. Restrictions List

Your account will not be whitelisted if the submitted page URL contains any of the unsupported features listed below:

  1. Uikit Filter available in the Grid/Grid Pro and Gallery elements.
  2. Grid Pro Search component.
  3. Table 9 Datatbles components: Filter, Search, Ordering
  4. Any other JavaScript components that necessitate initialization upon page load.

If you wish to use a filter in conjunction with a Load More element, we recommend using the JFilters component, which offers seamless integration with YOOtheme Pro.

3. Page Requirments

Make sure that the URL you provide for website verification contains a fully functional and correctly configured native YOOtheme Pro Pagination element. Requests without this prerequisite will not be accepted.